U-verse Voice: An Elevated Home-Phone Service

Upgrade your home phone experience with U-verse Voice.

AT&T U-verse Voice delivers the reliability of a landline. You also get a host of convenient and integrated features. Star codes allow you to personalize service features. Listen to your voicemail anywhere with a mobile app. Do much more through your own U-verse Voice portal online.

Why U-verse Voice?

U-verse Voice offers must-have features such as Caller ID, Call Blocking and Call Screening. You also get familiar features, such as:

CALLER ID BLOCKING | Remove your name and number from all outgoing calls or on a per-call basis

3-WAY CALLING | Planning becomes easier when you bring in a third party to your conversation

CALLER ID ON TV | Displays information on your TV screen, if you have U-verse TV11

U-verse Voice advanced features lift your phone’s utility to a higher level:

CANCEL CALL WAITING | Mid-call or before, prevents call-waiting from beeping in during your call

EXCLUSIVE CALL FORWARDING | Send calls from as many as 20 numbers to a different phone

SAFE CALL FORWARDING | If there’s a service disruption, send all calls to another number

It’s simple to set up U-verse Voice features. Access the U-verse Voice Portal or dial in star codes. Star codes activate certain features from your phone handset. For example:

ANONYMOUS CALL BLOCKING | Stops calls from users who’ve blocked their Caller ID

BUSY CALL FORWARDING | Directs incoming calls to an alternate number if your line’s busy

NO ANSWER CALL FORWARDING | Missed calls go to voicemail or another number

AT&T U-verse Voice offers more than 20 call features. Manage them as you choose! And the U-verse Voice portal makes it a cinch to activate and update them.

Using the U-verse Voice portal

Your phone service shouldn’t just be a phone line.

Through the online U-verse Voice Portal, manage your settings to fit your lifestyle. Or, adjust them to fit the day, or the hour! With AT&T U-verse Voice, you control:

CALL BLOCKING | Restrict a number from calling during naptime

DO NOT DISTURB | Prevent any call from coming through during specified times

VOICEMAIL | Don’t wait until you’re home to listen to messages!

Other features you’ll love

LOCATE ME | Set as many as five phones to ring when you have a call

CALL HISTORY ON TV | With U-verse TV, scan your most recent calls in a snap

CLICK TO CALL | Start a phone call from your call history, right on your TV screen!

Get U-verse Voice today!

AT&T U-verse Voice delivers a suite of integrated features and the power to manage your preferences. Call today to find out how you can add U-verse Voice to your AT&T bundle. Home phone has never sounded this great. Call today!