AT&T U-verse Plans

Looking for High Speed Internet, home phone and TV? AT&T U-verse has several options for you.

U-verse plans come in Double Play and Triple Play bundles. The more U-verse services you pick from AT&T, the more you can save. Get one low convenient bill, and manage all your services at

U-verse plans

The variety of AT&T U-verse prices gives you choices to fit your budget. Call now and we’ll help you find the perfect plan for you.

High Speed Internet

U-verse Internet plans begin with High Speed Internet, and these perks:

HOME NETWORK: The AT&T Gateway turns your home into a hot spot

HOT SPOT NETWORK: Access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network2

PLENTY OF SPACE: Virtually unlimited email storage

TONS OF SECURITY: Anti-spyware, antivirus, firewall protection and parental controls

U-verse Internet Plans

AT&T U-verse plans for High Speed Internet come in an array of speeds:

PRO | up to 3Mbps

Pro covers your basic web browsing. Write email, read headlines, and check stocks and weather.

ELITE | up to 6Mbps

Twice the heft of PRO, Elite can support more than one web user at once. You can stream, too.

MAX PLUS | up to 18Mbps

Stream, share and upload video. Update social media and play games online with MAX PLUS.

POWER | up to 75Mbps9

Have a household with several users streaming, playing, sharing and downloading? Power’s for you.

U-verse TV

Get crystal-clear digital sound and picture. U-verse TV plans can deliver packages include family favorites, movies and sports.

U-verse TV Plans

U450 TV: Over 490 channels and over 180 in HD. It comes with an enormous On Demand library. The movie package includes ENCORE®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and more.

U300 TV: Get a Total Home DVR®5. It comes with 420 channels. Movie package includes SHOWTIME®, FLIX®, and more.

U200 TV: Get local channels, as you would with U450 and U300. This plan includes a Total Home DVR®5, and over 310 channels.

U-family: Get access to family favorites. U-family includes a Total Home DVR®5. And you can watch as many as 140 channels.

U-verse Voice

Upgrade your home phone with AT&T U-verse Voice. Get a dependable, crystal-clear connection, and more than 20 convenient phone features.

U-verse Voice Plans

International: Get unlimited calls all over the U.S., U.S. Territories and Canada. You can also get discounts on calls to others countries.

Voice Unlimited: Gives you unlimited domestic calls. Call Canada, the Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, too.

Voice 200: Get unlimited calls to U-verse Voice customers, plus 200 anytime minutes to call Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and more, including nationwide calling out of the U-verse network.

Which bundle should I go with?

U-verse plans come in all sizes. They cover all your home entertainment and communications needs. Which ones fit best? Speak to our AT&T experts today. They can discuss U-verse prices, deals, and bundle options with you. Get your Double Play or Triple Play bundle, today!