U-verse Internet: High Speed, Without the High Price

Get the Internet speed you need, without a bill that slows you down.

AT&T U-verse Internet packs loads of speed, as much as 75Mbps9. Whatever you do online, there’s a plan to fit your needs. Your U-verse Internet service delivers the speed, dependability and flexibility you deserve.

Why U-verse Internet?

AT&T U-verse Internet delivers a fast and reliable network. You also get:

HOT SPOTS | When you’re away from home, connect on the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network2

SPACE | How does virtually unlimited Email storage sound?

SECURITY | U-verse Internet service includes antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware protection, plus parental controls

HOME NETWORK | Turn your home into a wireless Internet hot spot with an AT&T Gateway

Which U-verse Internet plan fits me best?

Call us! Our knowledgeable experts can walk you through AT&T U-verse Internet plans. Here’s an overview:


Downstream speeds up to 3Mbps

The Pro plan fits a household with one user, or for light web duty.  Send email, read headlines, research for school projects, and more.

Speed test

2MB YouTube Video: 5.5 seconds

5MB MP3: 14 seconds

4GB video: 3.1 hours


Downstream speeds up to 6Mbps

You can double your speed with the Elite plan. 6Mbps lets you share files, stream music, watch online video, and basic web browsing.

Speed test

2MB YouTube Video: 2.7 seconds

5MB MP3: 6.8 seconds

4GB video: 1.3 hours


Downstream speeds up to 18Mbps

With multiple users online at once, Max Plus delivers. There’s enough bandwidth to game online and watch movies. It’s ideal for smart homes, too.

Speed test

2MB YouTube Video: 0.9 seconds

5MB MP3: 2.3 seconds

4GB video: 32 minutes


Downstream speeds up to 75Mbps

Stream, download, video conference and more, with Power. Interactive sites and streaming services come through without buffering.

Speed test

2MB YouTube Video: 0.3 seconds

5MB MP3: 0.9 seconds

4GB video: 13 minutes

Call now with your address ready to see how fast you can go with AT&T U-verse.

Ready for AT&T U-verse Internet?

Get the choice of Internet speeds you’re looking for, with U-verse Internet service. It’s stellar on its own, and ever better when bundled with AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T U-verse Voice. Call today to discover the right U-verse Internet plan for you!