AT&T U-verse: Lightning Fast and Crystal Clear

What difference does an advanced digital network make?

It’s a world of difference, with AT&T U-verse. It’s an advanced way to get digital TV, Internet and home phone. AT&T delivers clarity, reliability and speed. Your U-verse service is delivered over a network that includes fiber-optic technology8, the most advanced network available!

AT&T offers bundles for these services, so you can save money. Choose services and features that fit you best!

The U-verse Lineup

Fiber-optic networks send data with speed and efficiency. AT&T delivers TV, Internet and home phone to streamline your communication and entertainment.

U-verse TV

Get crystal-clear picture and sound on a 100% digital network!

  • RECORD as many as four shows simultaneously
  • PLAY BACK recorded shows in any room; pause them in one room and start in another
  • WATCH live TV on and with your U-verse app, anywhere!

U-verse Internet

Enjoy access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network2!

  • GET speeds up to 75 Mbps on the U-verse network9
  • SURF SECURE with protection programs such as parental controls and anti-spyware
  • CONNECT any Wi-Fi enabled device on your home wireless network!

U-verse Voice

Ensure your home phone is there, no matter what the weather!

  • SEE who is calling while you watch TV with in-screen Caller ID
  • DEPEND ON features such as Call Waiting, Caller ID and more
  • ADD other features such as Voicemail to Text!

AT&T U-verse is more than just lightning-fast Internet! And U-verse features are even better bundled.

AT&T U-verse bundles

Bundles for U-verse service can include:

  • Total Home DVR®5
  • Access to the nationwide AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network2

DOUBLE PLAY | Internet + TV

Get the best in entertainment with AT&T U-verse TV and U-verse Internet. Access to and U-verse apps help you streamline your home’s entertainment.

TRIPLE PLAY | Internet + TV + Phone

Get the best AT&T U-verse has to offer. U-verse TV, Internet, and Voice transform your family’s entertainment and communication!

DOUBLE PLAY | Double Play + HBO®

It’s the ultimate U-verse experience. Order U450 and a high-capacity Total Home DVR®5 is included7. U-verse TV can deliver premium movie channels. Enjoy ENCORE®, HBO®, STARZ®, and more!

Why switch to AT&T U-verse?

With cable and traditional broadcast TV, you watch TV. With AT&T U-verse, you’re in control of the show. Features such as Total Home DVR®5 and U-verse apps let you manage what you watch!

Which U-verse service bundle fits you best? Call today!

Can you help me find my perfect plan?

We’d love to. Speak today with a knowledgeable AT&T expert.

  • How does your family communicate?
  • What entertainment do you crave?

We’ll help you choose the plan to fit you best. Call today!